Returning to research after a career break

The challenge of returning to research after a career break can be very daunting. We have a list of additional funding opportunities, available courses, support networks and resources to confidently transition back to work.

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Grants for returning to research

We know that research careers provide very little scope for extenuating circumstances or the challenges that come with balancing work and home life. This lack of flexibility can often lead to difficult decisions about whether a career in research is still feasible, with many researchers feeling forced to leave.

Alzheimer’s Society and Daphne Jackson Trust are working in partnership to provide fellowships to support those individuals that have left research to return to their careers, preventing the loss of diverse, talented researchers from the dementia field.  

Additionally, all our research funding programmes take into account time away from research for family or health reasons and we welcome you to apply for our  programmes. 

Funding from other organisations

Other organisations also have grants that are specifically for those who wish to return to research. Some of which are listed below:

  • Daphne Jackson Trust: An independent charity which offers flexible, part-time, paid fellowships to scientists, engineers, and technologists who have taken a carer break of two or more years for family caring or health reasons.
  • Janet Thornton Fellowship: awarded to successful applicants who have developed a project with prior agreement and in collaboration with a Sanger Institute Faculty member. This fellowship is open exclusively to people who have taken a career break of 12 months or more.
  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin fellowship: Aimed at outstanding scientists in the UK at the early stage of their research careers who require a flexible working pattern due to personal circumstances such as parenting or caring responsibilities or health issues. Female candidates are particularly invited to apply.
  • EMBO Young Investigators and installation grantees programme guide offers an up to one year extension of the grant to allow for maternity leave. This programme also offers up to €500 for childcare support to cover childcare expenses or costs of flying in a relative to care for a child.

Training courses and further resources

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