Our values

Our values tell everyone who we are as an organisation. Our values make sure that our focus is clear for the challenges and opportunities ahead and remind us what we all stand for. 

Alzheimer's Society values

Our values are evident in what we do, how we do it and how we work together.

These are not just words on a wall, we live these every day in all our work.

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Determined to make a difference: We're passionate, we're focused and we make a lasting impact for people affected by dementia.

Trusted expert: We're listening, we're learning and we use experience and evidence.

Better together: We're open, we combine our strengths and we achieve more together. ​​​​

Compassionate: We're kind, we're honest and we don't shy away from challenges.

Through our values, we will make the greatest difference for people affected by dementia.

Whether you’re someone living with dementia, a fundraising supporter, a colleague from another organisation, an employee or a volunteer, these four values will shape your experience with Alzheimer’s Society.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

In order to realise our aim of reaching everyone, we need to understand the diverse needs of those affected by dementia. The best way to do that is to ensure that our people (volunteers and employees) are reflective of the wider UK society. That’s why our people are so important to us.

By living our values, we include and empower our employees, volunteers and those affected by dementia - recognising individuals' true potential. In doing so, we excel in making the Society an inspiring place to work, and attract and retain the very best people.

Find out more about Equality, diversity and inclusion at Alzheimer's Society.

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