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Quit for a bit

30 days without sugar or alcohol. Up for the challenge?

Choose to give up sugar or alcohol (or both!) this November and raise money to help beat dementia. We'll help you through the month with tips to conquer those cravings, sugar or alcohol free alternatives, a designated Facebook group to share stories with other Quitters and some good old moral support from the sidelines. 

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It really is simple, just cut out refined sugar or alcohol for 30 days, and ask friends and family to sponsor you. Too easy? Take on our Ultra Quit and give up both... We know you can do it!

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The difference your quit will make

People with dementia have been hit the hardest by Coronavirus. Here at Alzheimer's Society we've quickly adapted our services to provide safe, virtual contact to help combat isolation and loneliness during lockdown and to provide advice and support to people with dementia and their families during this difficult time.

By taking part in Quit for a bit this November, you'll be raising money to help us continue to provide these vital services, as well as campaigning for better care for people with dementia.

Important information about Quit for a bit

Quit for a bit is a fundraising event aimed at challenging supporters to quit sugar or alcohol for a month. We advise that supporters quit refined sugar only, and continue to maintain a healthy, balanced diet during the month and throughout the rest of the year. We are also encouraging social drinkers to change their habits for a month, and we urge people to drink responsibly and within the recommended guidelines throughout the year.