Quit for a bit: the challenge

Quit for a bit is all about conquering your cravings. This November, we’re challenging you to quit sugar or alcohol for 30 days and get sponsored to take on the challenge.

Sounds easy? Take on Ultra Quit - 30 days, no sugar or alcohol - we know you can do it!

Every day you Quit for a bit and raise money, you'll be supporting people affected by dementia and helping to find a cure. 

Hear from our past Quitters


"I was nervous to begin with as I thought it would be impossible to give up all excess/added sugar but it was a great experience and really beneficial! Within a few days, I noticed an increase in energy.

It was challenging when family and friends would offer sugary food/drinks/snacks, but it really is mind over matter.

You get used to it and when you think of the amazing reason why you’re doing it, you do not want to give in!"


"Signing up was the easy part, then I was committed. The first week was a struggle but as the month went by it got easier.

I was worried about asking my friends and family to donate, however, when people understood why I was doing it, they were really generous.

Each donation motivated me to keep going. I also had a great feeling of accomplishment when I finished."


"I set myself rules for the month, so anything obviously full of sugar was off-limits. This meant no desserts, no sweets or chewing gum, no bakery items, no sugary fizzy drinks and most importantly no chocolate.

The best way to succeed for me was to find alternatives. I soon realised I was only grabbing sweets out of habit. 

I was also very lucky to have supportive friends and family who helped me along the way!"