Finding a care home

5. Moving between care homes

It is sometimes necessary for a person with dementia who is already living in a care home to move to a different home. Such a move can be stressful and people may react in different ways. It is therefore important that the move is carried out with proper planning and preparation. If the local authority would like to move a person to a different care home they should first carry out an assessment that considers the possible impact of the move on the person.

The person should move during the day, accompanied by someone they know. An optimistic attitude about the move will encourage the person with dementia to see it as a positive change. It is also best to give the person with dementia as much choice and control as possible. For example, visit two homes and give the person a choice of which one to move to. If there is more than one bedroom available at the new home, try to choose one that is similar to the person's previous room. For example, choose a room with a similar layout or a room where the way to the bathroom is similar to before.

If the person is moving to a care home in a different local authority, disputes about which local authority is responsible for the person's funding can arise. This should not lead to any delay in the provision of care or accommodation, and until the dispute has been resolved one of the local authorities must accept responsibility.