Our discounted Will scheme

Request your Will to Remember pack and receive trusted Will-writing advice to ensure your loved ones are protected.

What is Will to Remember?

Will to Remember is Alzheimer’s Society’s discounted Will scheme. 

Writing or changing your Will need not be difficult with the right legal advice. We want everybody to have the chance to seek advice or guidance from a solicitor they can trust and Will to Remember allows you to choose a participating firm local to you. 

Request your pack today and let us help you to start the process of making your Will.

What's in the pack?

  • Alzheimer’s Society’s free Will Guide, which will help you decide how to plan for your meeting with your solicitor.
  • Your list of local solicitors from our approved network across the UK. 
  • ÂŁ150 discount off the cost of making your Will. The solicitor you choose bears the cost of the discount, with no charge to Alzheimer’s Society.

Get your free Will to Remember pack

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