Dance for Dementia

Does your family love to dance? Join our online dance party on Sunday 3 October between 5pm and 6pm to help people affected by dementia.

dfd family dancing

Join us on Sunday 3 October 2021 between 5pm and 6pm for a fun, family-friendly online dance party to raise money for Alzheimer's Society.

Sign up today for just £10 and you'll receive exclusive access to dance tutorials and a ticket to the most exciting online dance party around.

Your £10 contribution gets you:

  • Access to our live streamed online dance party hosted by a professional dancer
  • Three dance video tutorials for you to learn
  • A Dance for dementia certificate to celebrate your participation

Your £10 contribution will pay for a person with dementia to have a call with one of our Dementia Advisers, which is the initial step in understanding how we can best support them.

What is Dance for Dementia?

Dance for Dementia is a new fundraising initiative for Alzheimer's Society encouraging families to take part in our online dance party. 

Once you've signed up, we will email you video dance tutorials to learn ahead of the big day. Or, you can freestyle it and make up your own routine.

On the day, you can join our LIVE online dance party for 45 minutes of fun, which will be hosted by Olivia from Zest Dance School.

Want to fundraise?

Your £10 contribution is your donation, but if you do want to give more you can ask your family for sponsorship for taking part in Dance for Dementia.

How your fundraising can make a difference

£10 - you will pay for three people to provide society with information on the truth about Dementia and the impact it has on people’s lives.

£20 - you will pay towards the running of our online community, Talking Point. With sign-ups increasing by over 170% since March, it is needed now more than ever as a space for sharing knowledge and gaining advice.

£50 - you will pay to help to provide junior researchers with the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise of dementia.

Host your own dance party

We are encouraging dance schools to host their own dance party and raise money to help people with dementia. Will you learn a new routine or just freestyle? The choice is yours!

By taking part in Dance for Dementia, you are helping to raise vital funds for people affected by dementia. Thank you for dancing to make a difference!

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