IUAD Partners: Defeating dementia sooner

IUAD Partners is a group of committed individuals from across the insurance industry, united by a vision of a world without dementia.

Working with Alzheimer's Society, IUAD Partners are investing in pioneering dementia research.

By making a personal commitment of £5,000 or more to the campaign, IUAD Partners are providing funds for three vital Alzheimer's Society programmes.

These programmes are designed to ensure that the benefits of dementia research are felt by people living with the condition as quickly as possible.

IUAD Partners support:

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Together, IUAD Partners and Alzheimer's Society are on the brink of something special. Your support today can help us to revolutionise the dementia landscape sooner - transforming the lives of millions of people. This is the moment to make a difference.

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A crucial role

'IUAD Partners play a crucial role in Insurance United Against Dementia - the Alzheimer's Society campaign that challenges our industry to raise £10 million for dementia research by 2022.

'Dementia doesn't discriminate. It touches us all. That's why we've put competition aside and come together as individuals to defeat dementia sooner. 

'Just as we - in our daily work - get people's lives back on track after a crisis, so we, as IUAD Partners, have made long-term personal commitments to enable millions of people to defy dementia, now and in the future.

'We urge you to join us.'

- IUAD Board Members Paul Jack, Lockton, and Richard Dudley, Aon.

More about IUAD Partners

Find out more about Insurance United Against Dementia, and the IUAD Partners group.

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