Centres of Excellence: Revolutionising dementia care research

The Centres of Excellence are a groundbreaking initiative developed by Alzheimer’s Society to address areas in dementia care that are in urgent need of more research.

How do we support the Centres of Excellence?

We offered grants of up to £2 million over 5 years for expert dementia care researchers to develop programmes of work that covered these key areas. 

The research team held an extensive consultation with our staff, volunteers and people affected by dementia. This consultation provided the themes that people felt most needed addressing. These were:

  • Care in advanced dementia
  • Support after a diagnosis
  • Independence at home
  • Improving quality of life

Once the areas of need had been decided, we invited researchers to submit applications that addressed one or more of these key areas. 

We are delighted to announce that the first three Centres of Excellence have been awarded.

These were given to:

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