Insurance United Against Dementia

Alzheimer’s Society's Insurance United Against Dementia (IUAD) movement is calling on the insurance sector to come together and tackle the leading cause of death in England and Wales: dementia.

What is Insurance United Against Dementia?

Dementia is set to be the 21st century’s bigger killer, with someone developing the disease every three minutes in the UK.  

With no cure and no new treatments for over a decade, we desperately need to invest in dementia research to deliver better care, improve treatment and find a cure.

Insurance United Against Dementia aims to raise £10m to fund vital dementia research, and to help businesses to become more dementia-friendly, better supporting their people and customers.

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I am proud to support the work of Alzheimer’s Society. Today, the insurance industry has a genuine opportunity to become a driving force in the future of dementia research. For ourselves, our families and our colleagues, we must come together to support this ground-breaking initiative.’ 

Chris Wallace, Executive Director, Continental Europe, QBE Insurance and Chairman, Insurance United Against Dementia

How are we taking on dementia together?

With your support, Insurance United Against Dementia will fund three critical dementia research initiatives:

UK Dementia Research Institute

The UK’s first dedicated Dementia Research Institute will transform the way the condition is diagnosed and treated. It will inspire talented new scientists to enter the field and drive the new approaches to diagnosis, treatment, care provision and prevention that we so urgently need.

Dementia Research Leaders

At the moment there are simply too few dementia researchers. The Dementia Research Leaders programme attracts the brightest individuals to the field and supports their innovative projects.

Brains for Dementia Research

This initiative delivers high-quality tissue samples for dementia research. Brains for Dementia Research provides vital resources for investigating the cause and diagnosis of dementia, and developing effective drug therapies.

How can you support the IUAD campaign?

Making a personal donation 

Your donation to the IUAD campaign will support groundbreaking dementia research and make a lasting difference to people affected by dementia. Make a donation online or contact Charlotte to discuss your gift.  

Partnering with Alzheimer’s Society

Partnerships with organisations in the insurance sector help us to raise vital funding and awareness of dementia and make large-scale change to the lives of people living with this disease. Please contact Alice to discuss how your business can get involved.

Becoming dementia-friendly

We all share responsibility for ensuring that people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community. You can become a Dementia Friend, or contact the IUAD team to talk about making your business dementia-friendly for your people and customers.

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Contact [email protected] to discuss how you can make a real difference to the lives of people with dementia.

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