Tried and tested: Photo scanning and other apps

People affected by dementia try out an app that scans photos and tell us about other apps they’ve used.

People with dementia and carers in West Sussex joined us over Zoom for another consumer panel.

This time they had tested the EZYscan app and EZYrig to scan in photos, negatives and slides. We also talked about other apps that they had tried. 

EZYscan and EZYrig 

The EZYscan app, which is free to download, helps you to scan in photos, negatives and slides, so you can share, store and print treasured memories. It works with the EZYrig, which you’ll be able to buy from our online shop soon.

Once assembled, this frame lets you position a smartphone precisely when using the app.

EZYrig for use with the EZYscan app

EZYrig helps you position your smartphone when using the EZYscan app.

Everyone who tried this product said they’d have liked more written instructions about downloading the app and putting the EZYrig together. 

‘I prefer to have a bit of paper in front of me to give me the instructions, I must admit,’ said Ian. ‘And putting it together was not easy at first, and then I twigged out how it worked.’ 

Pete Boswell from EZYscan said they’d be including written instructions based on this, alongside new clearer online videos that show you how to use it. 

Once the EZYrig was assembled and the app working, it was a hit with everyone. 

‘We have had great success with it,’ says John. ‘We managed to do some photographs and some old negatives.’ 

EZYscan app

John and Joyce scanned negatives of a friend’s pictures of her as a baby with her grandmother, sharing them with her via WhatsApp

‘Getting that negative onto the phone and seeing that on the camera phone was marvellous,’ said John.

Joyce said, ‘Bearing in mind we all have 6 million photographs in boxes somewhere, that will be a good project!’ 

Although Gerard hadn’t been able to download the app, he had constructed the rig without any problems and would also have plenty to scan. 

‘I’ve got a collection of 4,300 35mm slides upstairs which were my father’s and a lot of my own material, which I would like to be able to transfer,’ he said. 

‘It’s something that you could sit and do, and look back on your history,’ said Jan, ‘which is something that helps people with dementia, doesn’t it?’ 

Asked whether they’d be using it regularly, John said, ‘We will do, it’s a good tool. It keeps you thinking, it’s a good exercise.’ 

Ian said, ‘I’ve got so many photos and slides, I’ll probably spend the next three or four years going through them all and looking at them all properly!’ 

When people said a rig that could hold a tablet, such as an iPad, would be useful, since you’d see a larger image, Pete said he was already working on a prototype for this. 

Other apps 

Gordon, Alison, Mick and Chris had tried other kinds of apps, including Flower Garden, which lets you grow and send ‘virtual flowers’. They weren’t impressed by the few things you could do with it before needing to make in-app purchases. 

Another, Memory Tracks, links music to daily tasks to help support people with dementia or other cognitive impairments.

Alison was put off from downloading it because of all the terms and conditions you had to agree to beforehand, and Chris thought it would be easier to simply play music using an app like Spotify

‘We’ve made our own playlists and a couple of friends have done them for us as well, so that if Mick wants to relax we just play those,’ said Chris. 

John also recommended a free wordsearch app that he uses, with endless themed puzzles. 

Daily living aids

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Dementia together magazine: Dec 20/Jan 21

Dementia together magazine is for all Alzheimer’s Society supporters and anyone affected by the condition.
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Dementia together magazine is for all Alzheimer’s Society supporters and anyone affected by the condition.
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