Trustees' Annual Report
& Financial Statements 2021/22

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“We’ve made great progress this year, moving forward with our exciting plans for Alzheimer’s Society that will positively impact people living with dementia.”

- Stephen Hill OBE, Chair of Trustees

“It has been a huge honour to lead Alzheimer’s Society this year and I am so grateful to everyone who supports us in any capacity – you have made a massive difference to the lives of people affected by dementia.”

- Kate Lee, Chief Executive

Our year in numbers


Our services have been used more than four million times in 2021/22, and people affected by dementia tell us they are a lifeline.

0 calls

Our Dementia Connect support line received 71,014 calls – an increase of 32% on 2020/21.


Dementia Talking Point, our online community, supported nearly 1.3m people through 2021/22.


We distributed 445,840 print publications this year, a rise of 90% from the previous year.


Our campaigns were supported by more than 135,000 people across England, Wales and Northern Ireland.


We identified and dealt with more than 2,850 safeguarding concerns in 2021/22.

2021/22 was a year of change for Alzheimer’s Society.

  • Finding ourselves in the second year of restrictions and lockdowns, the impact of the pandemic on people living with dementia was now clear and visceral.
  • The fear of contracting Covid prevented some people from attending face-to-face services when they resumed in-between and following periods of lockdown.
  • While the rest of the world was focused on the pandemic, we knew that residential care homes were facing their own challenges, and often lacked the provision necessary to help people with dementia.
  • We continued campaigning to raise awareness of this problem while ensuring that the dire state of our social care system, exposed by the pandemic, could not be forgotten.