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As the pandemic continued, we adapted to changing rules and regulations, while still working to maintain a strong volume of support.  

  • 96% of carers and 92% of people living with dementia told us they felt we understood their needs, while 80% said their life was better as a result of our help.
  • We responded to increasingly complex needs among people affected by dementia, doing our best to blend face-to-face, telephone, and digital support.
  • An increased proportion of people affected by dementia went into care homes, so this sadly led to the closure of some of our group services due to low membership.
“It really feels like Alzheimer’s Society has withdrawn from local provision. They handed over Singing for the Brain to another group. Cognitive stimulation is now run by another group. I don’t see anything from them locally.” 

Vernon, living with dementia, Bedfordshire

It was a process of continual testing and learning, as we moved in and out of lockdowns and started reinstating in-person services wherever possible.

  • 30,000 people affected by dementia used our group services this year.
  • We made 42,283 Companion Calls in 2021/22, supporting 21,760 people.
  • In 2021/22, more than 5,000 new people joined our online community Talking Point, and the platform had almost 1.3m visits.
  • By March 2022, approximately 60% of our services were delivered face-to-face.

Local support with Dementia Voice

“It feels good to be doing things that are still part of my skillset. For me, the opportunity to speak at conferences and to be on interview panels makes me feel valued — a great source of mental and emotional support.”

- Clare, carer for her husband who has dementia, Cornwall

  • Our Dementia Voice programme helped shape our influence in health and social care, providing a space for people with dementia to have their voices heard.
  • Dementia Voice participants also gave feedback on our services and influenced our fundraising messaging.
  • Throughout 2021/22 there were 7,150 participations in 695 Dementia Voice activities.
  • This included more than 27,000 online users of our nationally-recognised Dementia Experience Toolkit.