What lessons did we learn?

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We are determined to build a more positive world for people living with dementia.

We have been impacted this year by obstacles such as the pandemic, changes in government provision for dementia, and the challenges of responding to rapid change in real-time.

  • In the year ahead, we will aim for the right balance of efficiency and consistency in our services - alongside personalised, integrated care provision.
  • We aim to help provide new pathways for volunteers and supporters to engage with Alzheimer’s Society as we implement our new strategy.
  • Our digital services have continued to support thousands of people over the past year. We also recognise that many people are disappointed at losing local, face-to-face services. We are working to improve this and reinstate more local support wherever possible.
  • We want people affected by dementia to have their voices heard. We are implementing co-design and co-production to help make this goal a reality - and reaching out to underserved communities to make sure their lived experiences are captured through our work.
  • We are responding to lower dementia diagnosis rates with a pinpoint focus on both diagnosis and post-diagnosis support.

By learning from these challenges, we’ve emerged stronger and more focused as we start to implement our new strategy.