Help and hope for the future

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Alzheimer's Society supports people living with dementia through some of the hardest and most frightening times, to improve their lives and help avoid crisis.

While the world moved out of the pandemic and looked towards the future, we continued to shine a light on the realities of living with dementia. We are proud of what we achieved in 2021/22. But we know there is still more work to do.

“I actually got to go to the House of Commons and meet MPs and talk to them about the issues that matter to us. That was good from Alzheimer’s Society. I think people’s real stories are so important. That is the best way to get a message across.”   

- Keith, living with dementia, Kent

Our strategy for 2022-27

Later this year, we are launching our new five-year strategy, Help and Hope, a framework for creating long-lasting changes to the way dementia is understood and treated.  

Working towards early diagnosis

With dementia diagnosis rates falling, we will challenge the misconception that memory loss is a normal part of getting older and provide pathways towards information and support.

Increasing our impact

We want to deepen our understanding of living with dementia. Our renewed focus on care research will recognise the crucial role carers play in supporting people with dementia.

Growing our reach

We know not everyone can access our services. We’re working to change that by redesigning the way our services are delivered in the years ahead.

The year ahead

Dementia is the biggest health and social care challenge of our time, and that challenge is growing as our society ages.

We will work to implement a strong national strategy and local integrated care provision, growing our influence in policy along the way. We are also strengthening spontaneous awareness of Alzheimer’s Society so more people truly understand who we are and what we do, reducing misattribution of our activities to other organisations.

The scale of the change needed is huge. But, with your help, we will transform the experience of dementia for generations to come. By facing the challenge together, we can provide help and hope for everyone living with dementia.