Snowdon by Night

Event Type: Trek
Date: 29/05/2020
Location: Bangor, Wales
Registration Fee: £49
Fundraising Target: £400
Level: Moderate/Tough


You'll trek through the night to the summit of Wales tallest mountain. Once you have taken in your surroundings you'll make your way down the mountain as the sun rises.

The trek is a real challenge by night and standing at the summit by moonlight will be an unforgettable experience. Once your back down we'll celebrate our huge achievement with a slap-up breakfast!

Don't fancy taking on the challenge at night? Not to worry, we have also have a Snowdon by Day trek.


Snowdonia National Park, Bangor, Wales. 


Friday 29 May 2020.

How much?

The registration fee is £49 with a commitment to raising £400 in sponsorship per person for Snowdon night.*

*We are offering a 30% discount off your registration fee for teams of four and above for Snowdon night, contact us at [email protected] for your discount code. 


We follow the Llanberis Path, which roughly shadows the route of the Snowdon Mountain Railway. It's the most gradual route up Snowdon with good conditions underfoot, and therefore best suited to our ascent in the dark! 


Download the itinerary for the midnight challenge 




How and when do I pay for Snowdon by Night?

There are two ways of funding your place on this challenge. For both options we require a non-refundable registration fee of £49.

Sponsorship option 1
You are committed to raising a minimum sponsorship of £400 per person. £145* of this amount must be received by the charity eight weeks prior to the event, out of which we pay the balance of your trip costs. The rest of your sponsorship should ideally be sent before the challenge and within six weeks of your return.

*Please note that this does not include your registration fee. 

Self-funding option 2
You may prefer to cover all of the trip costs yourself. If you wish to do this, a payment of £145* will need to be made to our Customer Care Team eight weeks before the challenge. This can be done via a card payment over the phone or by posting a cheque to us.

We also ask you to pledge to raise a minimum sponsorship of £255 and aim to get as much as possible in before the challenge and within six weeks of your return.

*Please note that this does not include your registration fee. 

What's included?

Experienced Discover Adventure leaders and backup support as well as meals.

A hot meal is provided upon arrival and then a big breakfast at the end of the trek. Snacks to carry with you will also be provided.

How old are the other people on the trek?

Our Snowdon groups vary in age from 18 to 70 years old. Young people over the age of 16 can join if accompanied by a parent or guardian. 

How fit do I need to be?

The more training and trekking you do beforehand, the easier you will find the weekend. You will trek approximately 9 miles on the night, though it would be a mistake to base your training on this! It’s vital when training to think about the hours you need to walk for and the terrain you are walking on – ie purely uphill, followed by purely downhill. We are always happy to talk through the trip in more detail with you if you are worried about your fitness at any stage.

What will the trekking be like?

The paths we use are generally well maintained and vary from steps, steep inclines or gradual slopes, to more rocky ground. In wet weather it can be slippery in places, and in some areas it can be easy to lose the path.

In the dark it’s easier to lose your footing or become disoriented, so we take it easy. There will be marshals or lit markers on any sections of the route which are not clear.

What will the weather be like?

The mountains that make up Snowdonia National Park are stunning and beautiful on a good day but this can lead to a false sense of security; mountain environments must always be respected.

The summit is considerably cooler than at the base, more likely to get rain, and can be exposed to high winds. Weather conditions can change rapidly during the course of a day. This can make a big difference to your safety, particularly if you are ill equipped. In bad weather, keep close together as a group and watch the weather!

Walking in the dark can confuse your sense of direction, and mist, rain or wind will make it worse. If you are poorly dressed for bad weather, exposure can rapidly deplete your concentration and energy. Keep a regular check on your location.

What do I need to bring?

Be prepared for any weather! It could be clear, raining, windy, warm or cold – or a mixture of all of them! The weather at the bottom of the mountain is very unlikely to be the same as at the top; expect it to be very cold at the summit at night. You will enjoy the trekking more if your equipment keeps you warm and comfortable!

Make sure that you have plenty of layers to wear on the mountain – you will want to add and remove layers frequently – as well as spares in case you get wet and cold. You will need to carry a day-sack with spare clothes, waterproofs, first aid kit, snacks and anything else you need for the trek. A day-sack with adjustable, padded shoulder-straps and hip belt is essential.

Can I bring my dog?

No, dogs are not permitted on any of our challenges.

Kit list

Here you can find a list of everything you will need for the challenge - download your copy.

Facebook group

Join our Facebook group to connect with other participants and chat about your training and fundraising! 

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