The dementia guide: Living well

Living well: A positive outlook


Living with dementia is challenging and you may feel angry or frustrated about what's happening to you.

Your plans for the future might change, but dementia doesn't change who you are. A diagnosis of dementia doesn't mean that you need to stop doing the things that you enjoy, but you might have to do them in a different way.

There are some practical things that you can do to help you live as well as possible. Focus on the things you can and want to do, and try not to become isolated. Keeping busy with activities you enjoy may help you to feel more confident.

'You must carry on doing the things you enjoy, and not sideline yourself from your friends and family or clubs and groups. We've always led busy lives, going out and about - and we still do.'

Brenda, West Sussex, carer for a person with dementia

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