The first step towards a cure for dementia is to develop effective treatments - they may not stop or reverse the condition but they do at least give temporary respite and relief.

A great deal of research is aimed at development of better treatments that could delay, cure or even prevent dementia. All new treatments pass through rigorous clinical trials before they can be licensed for use.

Key Research: Drug Discovery programme

In May 2011, Alzheimer's Society launched its Drug Discovery programme.

This is a large, long-term project that aims to test drugs, currently licensed for use in other conditions, in clinical trials for the treatment of dementia.

Our innovative approach means that new, better treatments could be available in just seven years, bringing hope to people with dementia and their carers.

Clinical trials for existing drugs

Projects funded with the Alzheimer's Drug Discovery Foundation

Current Projects

Alzheimer's Society funds four types of research grant: Project grants; Research fellowships; PhD studentships; Dissemination grants. Below is a list of our current research projects sorted by grant type.

You can also see our current and completed research sorted by different categories.

Project Grants

Fellowship Grants

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