Monitoring our research

The Alzheimer's Society research funding programme is unique as it offers each funded researcher the opportunity to work with our Research Network volunteers who all have a personal experience of dementia - living with the condition or as a carer or former carer.

Our Research Network monitors are not expected to take part in the research itself but to monitor the progress of the project.

Why do we have volunteer monitors?

Our volunteers provide ongoing advice and support to the researchers funded by Alzheimer's Society across the UK. Volunteers choose the projects they would like to monitor, once funding has begun.

Discussing their research with Research Network volunteers gives the research team the opportunity to seek the views of people affected by dementia, and hear about their personal experiences. Many researchers tell us that they find the process extremely rewarding.

Hear how our volunteers have worked with Dr Kurt De Vos at the University of Sheffield

Monitoring meetings

Our monitors meet funded researchers at least annually, although some researchers benefit from meeting their monitors every six months.

During these meetings monitors receive updates on the project and give feedback based on their personal experience of dementia. Input from the monitors can be requested throughout the research project (as appropriate) on:

  • Project plans
  • Methods
  • Participant recruitment
  • Data analysis
  • Dissemination plans
  • Communication to a lay audience
  • Patient literature in advance of ethics submission

After each monitoring visit, the monitor team provides a brief report for Alzheimer’s Society on the monitoring meeting, the progress of the project and their impressions of the research.

Monitoring guidance

Read our PDF guidelines to monitoring processes for Alzheimer's Society funded grant holders.

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