Benefits rates and income/savings thresholds

3. Paying for care

NHS-funded nursing care

The standard rate in England is £155.05 per week.

In Wales, the rate is £140.90 per week.

In Northern Ireland, the rate is £100 per week.

Payment of home care and care home fees

Upper savings threshold in England (above which the person has to pay all their costs) is £23,250.

Lower savings threshold in England (below which a person’s savings are no longer taken into account, although all other income including benefits and pensions is still counted) is £14,250.

The upper savings threshold in Wales is £30,000 for residential care and £24,000 for care at home.

There is no lower savings threshold in Wales.

People in Wales will pay no more than £70 per week for their care at home.

Personal expenses allowance for people in care

£24.90 weekly in England

£27.50 weekly in Wales (now called the ‘Minimum income amount’)