Assessment for care and support in Wales

Many people diagnosed with dementia will reach a stage where they need professional care and support at home to help them live well with the condition. Friends and family who care for a person with dementia who is living at home may also need support to carry out this role. Social care can take a number of different forms, depending on the needs of the person in question. Examples include day care centres, respite care or short breaks and help with personal care (such as help with bathing or going to the toilet) at home. It can be difficult to know how to get this support. This section outlines how people with dementia and their carers can access care and support at home, including day centres or short breaks. It will be useful both for people with dementia and anyone caring for a person with dementia.

Some people with dementia and their carers will be entitled (often called 'eligible') to have their needs for care and support met by the local authority, free of charge or at a reduced cost. They must meet certain criteria to be eligible. Anyone wishing to get care and support paid for by the local authority must have a care needs assessment (for a person with dementia), or a carer's assessment (for a carer).

This information is for people living in Wales and is not intended for England and Northern Ireland, where the laws are different.