Volunteering at a fundraising event for Alzheimer’s Society in memory of Mum

Caroline Nesbitt, in Grimsby, volunteered to help raise funds for Alzheimer’s Society after caring for her mum. She shares what motivated her to step in.

Mum was diagnosed with Alzheimer‘s disease in 2014, just before her 80th birthday. 

Everybody’s dementia is different. 

Luckily for us, Mum still knew who we were, but she forgot what day it was and where she lived. 

She thought she was living 25 or 30 years ago. So, even though she knew I was ‘Caroline’, she often thought I was her sister rather than her daughter. 

I’ve got three siblings, and we were able to share the load and do just about everything Mum and Dad needed. 

We would spend 40 minutes on hold to a GP only to be told we were in a queue. 

I don’t know what people do if they don’t have a family who can advocate for them. This is why support from the Society is so important.

Caroline and her husband at a Trek26 event

Alzheimer's Society lifeline 

Thankfully, I had my siblings to talk to when we were caring for Mum. But if I was caring alone, the calls I got from Alzheimer’s Society would have been a lifeline I couldn’t live without. 

It was still nice to talk with someone who wasn’t in the same situation as me, because I could be completely honest about things that were getting me down and get it off my chest. 

Our dementia advisers are here for you.

I continued to get support even after Mum died. 

The first year of firsts without Mum was hard – the first Christmas, her birthday. So getting supportive messages really helped me. 

Alzheimer’s Society has become the charity that my husband and I support because of the way it supports carers. We know that by fundraising, we can help that support to continue.

Chalk and cheese 

My husband and me are like chalk and cheese.

I do enjoy a long walk but could happily spend the day reading a book, whereas he is very sporty and into walking and cycling. 

When he decided to walk 26 miles at the North York Moors Trek26, I wanted to help in some way – even if I wasn’t walking with him. 

So I volunteered to hand the trekkers lunch at their first checkpoint. 

It was a brilliant day. Even though it was raining, everyone was all smiles. They were all there with a common goal. 

The highlight for me was listening to everybody’s stories and their reasons for walking such a long way. A few brought a tear to my eye. 

Motivation to support research

I fundraise because I want there to be support for carers, but also because I want dementia research to progress. 

Trying to get the right balance of medication for Mum was a struggle. 

We tried one drug, but had to change her other medication and saw her quality of life decline rapidly – so we decided to take her off it. 

I want there to be better treatment or a cure if I or anyone I know is diagnosed.

Take on an epic challenge

Trek26 is taking place in breathtaking locations until mid-August. Take on an epic 26 or 13-mile trek, or volunteer like Caroline

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