Taking part in exercise and watching sport, whether you have dementia or not

We ask people about how they keep active and well. This time, we hear how readers enjoy taking part in exercise and watching sport.

Dorothy Dwayre-Wood, 61 in Manchester 

I enjoy going to watch our local football team, FC United of Manchester. Myself and my husband have been members since this fan-owned club started in 2005.

Our family ranges from 10 to 83 years old and we all enjoy being able to share in this pastime together. It’s an afternoon where you can watch great ‘grassroots’ football together. 

It takes you away from your ‘normal’ life, home commitments and work demands.

During the pandemic, we were allowed to go to some matches by booking online and socially distancing. It was some sort of normality for us and, although not as busy as it used to be for obvious reasons, we still felt that ‘life was good’. 

Dorothy Dwayre-Wood


Cassie Philip, 50 in Eastbourne 

I play tennis with friends and others who are members of the tennis club, watch rugby with a select few friends who are fans, and go walking with friends when I can, and otherwise on my own. 

It’s for my fitness and wellbeing, and staying as young and healthy as I can into older age.

I know that it makes me feel much better within myself when I exercise, especially with friends. 

Michael Davies, 65 in Oxford with semantic dementia 

Cycling with Oxford Cycling Club at least once a week and running about four days a week. I started in about 1978 and have always been focused on racing.

I now don’t do racing because I want to be cautious with my body, so I can always run each year. 

My dementia doctor has suggested that maybe my current state is better because of my running and cycling life.

Michael Davies


Sue Peters, 54 in Leicester 

Walking, the best exercise a human can take! It’s natural, healthy, outdoors and mentally stimulating. A different walk each time; new sights to see, new smells to sniff out and new experiences to indulge in. 

It uplifts the soul and makes me feel relaxed, calm and at peace.

I do it to lose weight, get fitter and improve my mental health.

Sue Peters


Anne Baxter, 62 in London 

I am a West Ham season ticket holder and go to the home games, and I like watching tennis, athletics and golf on the television. 

I have always loved going to football matches, as my dad took me as a child and I find that it helps with my wellbeing. 

Stay well 

Your age and genes affect your risk of developing dementia, but you can’t change them. 

Things you can change include keeping your mind and body active, enjoying healthier food, not smoking, drinking less alcohol, staying in touch with people, and dealing with any health problems.

If you already have dementia, the same things can help you to stay healthy and well. 

NHS Live Well has health and wellbeing advice for everyone.

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