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Shopping for clothes if you have dementia

There are ways to approach shopping for clothes that could deal with some of the challenges of dementia as it progresses.

The idea of shopping for clothes will be a delight for some people with dementia and a chore for others. However, even if it’s not someone’s favourite activity, it might be possible to turn it into a good day out. 

Clothing choices

Decide whether making a list beforehand or just browsing would suit the person best. Think about where you could take breaks to relax and recharge.

As well as high street shops and supermarkets, consider vintage and charity shops for variety and interest.

A specialist shop may help someone who likes clothing of a particular style or culture, or needs sizes that aren’t catered for elsewhere. 

Some clothing is designed to make dressing easier while still looking good. For example, the Able Label clothing and Friendly Shoes are available from our online shop

Dementia friendly clothing and access

Some shops are ‘dementia friendly’, meaning they try to make things easier for customers affected by dementia.  

Ask for an accessible changing room, with space for two people, for someone who needs help trying on clothes. If it’s easier to try them on at home, buy from retailers who accept returns. 

Some local councils offer a community transport service to help visit the shops, and this might even pick you up from home. 

ShopMobility provides low-cost (or sometimes free) mobility equipment hire – contact your local ShopMobility UK centre.

Alternatively, you could browse for clothes together at home from catalogues or online. 

As a person’s dementia progresses, it’s important they have the capacity to continue making decisions about spending. They may also need support to stay safe online. 

What you said 

Bebeth, on Talking Point, says, 

‘I am so lucky with small local shops. The last time I took Mum shopping, I had to bring some choices down the stairs – she manages up, not down! 

‘Anyway, the shop assistant was delightful and made easy conversation with Mum. I helped her on and off and tried to let her pay herself which, with a willing assistant, is a real boost. I find too that the promise of a wee cuppa gets Mum out to shop.’ 

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Dementia together magazine is for all Alzheimer’s Society supporters and anyone affected by the condition.
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