Your answers: Coping with the cold when someone has dementia

Talking Point members’ advice for people with dementia and carers about coping with colder weather.

Jaded’n’faded says,

‘If you don’t move much you can feel cold even with blankets and the heating on so it’s worth having a walk round regularly to get the old circulation going.

‘I swear by hot water bottles, with a furry cover for safety. I sometimes sit with my feet on one whilst working on my computer – very cosy.’ 

Weasell says,

‘My advice is ‘just pay’! It’s Bali in the bathroom here. I work out care home bill = £1,200, bill for waste £200 (however hot) = £1,000 profit for staying at home.’

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jennifer1967 says,

‘Know what benefits you can claim and about the winter fuel allowance. See if your supplier does the money back warm home discount, which some suppliers do and others don’t. Works £140 back in your electric meter, so we put it all on the gas instead of splitting it.

‘Our house is very cold as it is made of precast concrete and we pay more as we pay in key and card meters. We keep all the doors shut so keeps heat in.’ 

Bunpoots says,

‘I’d say dementia-proof the central heating if your person with dementia lives alone. My dad was always turning his thermostat right down and then complaining his heating wasn’t working.

‘On one memorable occasion, my daughter and I got to his bungalow to find Dad trying to dismantle his gas boiler. After that we had a tamperproof thermostat fitted and, as he was nice and warm, he didn’t feel the need to “mend” the central heating all the time.’

Agzy says,

‘As a carer, rule number one is to take particular care of my own mental and physical health to help ensure I am capable, for as long as possible, to be her carer.

‘For me, this means either a daily walk of about an hour and if possible a round of golf once per week, but dreading the day that further care is needed to support me in supporting Pauline, as this may not allow the flexibility needed for me to look after myself.’ 

What advice do you have for someone who’s helping a person with dementia prepare to move into a care home?

Let us know by 4 March 2021 so we can share it in our next magazine.

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