Enjoying your local area, whether you have dementia or not

We ask people about how they keep well, whether they have dementia or not. This time, we hear about making the most of where you live.

Vivian Kerry in Shropshire 

I catch a small bus and do my shopping in Ludlow, which is a few miles from my home. This gives me time to grab a takeaway coffee and sit outside Ludlow Castle, where I practise mindfulness, or to meet a friend.

This also gives my husband some ‘me time’ to himself. My husband and I also often drive to Hereford for the day. 

I usually take my walking stick as an aid – I have benign multiple sclerosis, so can have odd relapses where my walking can be a bit haphazard. When out with my husband, I usually link arms with him.

Vivian Kerry


Caroline Scott-Gall in West Sussex 

Daily walks with my husband, who has Alzheimer’s, in the surrounding area and socialising with friends. Shopping locally and interacting with people in the village and connecting with dementia-related groups. 

We have always engaged locally, and my husband’s diagnosis makes these activities even more important.

It’s stimulating for him, and very helpful and supportive for me. Physical activity is important for us both. 

Stanley Limbert in Merseyside, with Alzheimer’s 

I get out and about on my mobility scooter, it’s not your usual scooter but a more modern one and road legal. 

It enables me to be more independent and also, along with a trailer, enables me to continue my hobby of fishing. No waiting on buses and taxis to go shopping. 

I always find workarounds to problems with my dementia. My dementia has to fit in with my life, and not my life fit in with it.

Stanley Limbert


Lynda Hadfield in Northamptonshire 

I walk when I have time and visit the local leisure centre around five or six times a week. I usually go to the gym four times a week and yoga twice a week. I go on my own but chat to people there. 

I have arthritis and it helps me to manage my condition. I hope it will help to maintain flexibility.

Initially, I saw a special instructor who has extra training in people with additional or specific needs. 

Karen Parker in Derbyshire 

Plenty of walking in the beautiful Peak District, which our house borders on, with my husband, family and friends. Always love being outside and the walking in the High Peak is fantastic. 

Gardening in my rustic garden, which was originally a field, with my husband and three of my grandchildren.

I get satisfaction from gardening, which helps keep me fit, and it’s uplifting seeing the beautiful flowers bloom in their season. 

Playing golf at a local club with my husband, son, friends and my three other grandchildren. I’m new to golf but have made lots of new friends and it challenges me, which is good now I’m retired. 

Stay well 

Your age and genes affect your risk of developing dementia, but you can’t change them. 

Things you can change include keeping your mind and body active, enjoying healthier food, not smoking, drinking less alcohol, staying in touch with people, and dealing with any health problems.

If you already have dementia, the same things can help you to stay healthy and well. 

NHS Live Well has health and wellbeing advice for everyone.

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