New resources for teachers, youth group leaders, young people and parents

From the April 2015 issue of our magazine, Katherine Hirst, Public Awareness Officer, highlights new resources to help increase understanding about dementia among younger people.

Although many young people know someone with dementia and would like to help, they often don't have the understanding to be able to do this. Alzheimer's Society is providing new resources for teachers, youth group leaders, young people and parents to help create a dementia-friendly generation.

These include easy-to-use Key Stage 3 materials for teachers, such as lesson plans, class activities and videos to build understanding about how dementia affects people as part of personal, social and health education. An assembly plan to introduce dementia and the Society can also be used by teachers, volunteers and others.

Kirsty Ball, 14, lives near her 94-year old grandfather John, who has dementia, and she has had dementia awareness lessons at Newent Community School and Sixth Form Centre in Gloucestershire.

She said,

'If more people know about dementia, it will be less feared and better understood. A better understanding would mean that those with memory problems would find it easier to talk openly and feel comfortable.'


Gina Shaw, the face of Dementia Friends TV adverts, visited Holy Family Catholic Primary School in Liverpool (pictured).

A former children's nurse, she said,

'I love coming in to talk to the children about dementia. Their knowledge is outstanding and they talk to me normally and ask great questions. It is vital we create a dementia-friendly generation.'

Find out more about using these resources with local schools or email [email protected]

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