Paying for care: rates and thresholds

People affected by dementia may be entitled to help paying for care. Find out about the current benefit rates and thresholds below. 

This page provides details of benefits rates and savings thresholds from April 2019 to March 2020.

It is designed to be used in conjunction with other Alzheimer’s Society information about benefits and how to apply for them.

NHS-funded nursing care

The standard rate in England is £165.56 per week for 2019/20.

In Wales, the rate is £149.67 (2018/19) per week.

In Northern Ireland, the rate is £100 (2018/19) per week.

Payment of home care and care home fees

Upper savings threshold in England  and Northern Ireland (above which the person has to pay all their costs) is £23,250.

Lower savings threshold in England and Northern Ireland (below which a person’s savings are no longer taken into account, although all other income including benefits and pensions is still counted) is £14,250.

The upper savings threshold in Wales is £50,000 for residential care and £24,000 for care at home.

There is no lower savings threshold in Wales.

People in Wales will pay no more than £90 per week for their care at home.

Personal expenses allowance for people in care

£24.90 weekly in England and Northern Ireland.

£29.50 weekly in Wales (now called the ‘Minimum income amount’)

What benefits are you entitled to?

Find out what benefits are available if you are someone living with dementia or a carer. 

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