Dementia in rural Wales: A new deal

We're asking for a new deal for people living with dementia in rural Wales. Join the movement! 


'It’s not even about getting around, living in rural areas you know no different. So if you don’t drive, you get used to taking the bus. I used to love going on the bus and with my dementia, it helps to keep me stimulated. But, there is only one bus a week now to one place – so even that’s limited. It wasn’t always like this, there used to be quite a few to different areas.’ 

Of the 45,000 people with dementia in Wales, 17,000 live in a rural area and rurality brings about an additional set of challenges for people affected by dementia:

  • Support services are less likely to be commissioned in rural areas
  • Poor transport links make it harder to access help
  • Carers are more likely to feel isolated and unsupported

That's why we're calling for a new deal. We want to see:

  • Improved access to specialist support services 
  • Improved peer support
  • Improved transport links

Read the report we launched in July 2016:


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