Homegrown fundraising

Want to do some feel-good fundraising at home? Have fun, stay safe and make it matter!

Restrictions don't have to stop your amazing fundraising!

With a dash of creativity and a good dollop of silliness, we've created the ultimate list of ways you can fundraise from the comfort of your own home. Even better, we've made a special pack with everything you need to make it happen. 

Whether you pick from the list below, have your own plans or haven't decided just sign up, download your Homegrown pack and we'll help you get started. 

Take a look at some of our ingenious ideas
(if we do say so ourselves)

Get your heart racing!


  • 5k - Complete a 5k at home! Ask for donations and complete a virtual race from the comfort of your own home. Use your stairs, use your living room, use an exercise machine if you have one and get those kilometres in. Alternatively take it outside and complete a 5k round your neighbourhood or in a local park!
  • Cycle your commute - Cycle the length of your commute. This could be over a day, week or month depending on how long your commute used to be.
  • Yes day - Help out your family or extended social bubble whilst staying home and say yes to everyone's demands in exchange for sponsorship.
  • Game over Dementia - Unite with Alzheimer's Society and say Game Over to Dementia by setting up your own gaming fundraiser. 
  • Reach new heights - Climb the height of a famous mountain or peak using your stairs. Don't forget to document your progress on social media!


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Ready to challenge yourself?

  • United Against Dementia Games - get a copy of our brand new games pack here. Ask for sponsorship to take part and get your competitive hat on. 
  • Step Up for Dementia - You might be at home a lot more but you can still exercise! Work with your family and friends to collectively reach 850,000 steps to match those affected by dementia and isolating right now. Unite with Alzheimer's Society and Step Up for Dementia.
  • Cycle for Dementia - Could you power through the miles to help us beat dementia sooner? We’re challenging you to cycle 100, 250, 500 miles in a month. In the average time it takes you to cycle a mile, one person will have been diagnosed with dementia. So, how many miles will you go? Sign up to Cycle for Dementia
  • Jog on Dementia - Set yourself a marathon challenge with a twist. It's time to tell dementia to jog on! Start your challenge today.
  • Run for Dementia - How many miles can you run in 30 days? We’re challenging you to take on 50 or 100 miles to help us beat dementia. Sign up here.
  • Virtual Games Night -  Scrabble, Monopoly, Cluedo, Pictionary, Battleship and Scattegories are all online, perfect for getting together with friends.
  • Arts and crafts contest - Who can make the best paper-mache vegetable or colour the prettiest flower? Donate to join, pick a judge and offer a prize- brilliant for kids or for grownups.
  • Social media challenge - Get creative with challenges at home, donate £5 and use social media to tag your friends to do the same. From the 'toilet roll challenge' to running a 5k, get a leaderboard going and unleash the competition!


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Fire up the foodie fundraising

  • Baking class - Host an online baking class for friends and family. Ask for donations and send a link!
  • Coins from your coffee - Why not donate the money you would usually spend on your daily coffee or tea? Alternatively, are you back at work? Set up a virtual coin tin on JustGiving and ask for colleagues to donate their cup of coffee. 
  • Tea o'clock - Make that cuppa and organise a team dial in to keep spirits high. Normally the type to buy a chocolate bar, then why not create a reverse tuck shop and donate 50p every time you reach for the biscuit tin.

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Happy hair days

  • Grow a beard/moustache - Still struggling to get a hair appointment? Use your indoor time wisely and get sponsored to cultivate that facial hair.
  • Home haircut - Make the most of these weeks at home and cut your own, or a loved one's hair for charity.
  • Crazy hair at home - Grab the dye, clip in extensions, and go wild!
  • Brave the shave - Got a mop on your head? Take it to the extreme and shave it all off for Alzheimer’s Society! 
  • Wax your legs - Are you ready to wax your legs live on camera? Livestream and ask for sponsorship for the pleasure of watching.


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Perfect party plans

  • Tea party - Everyone bakes a cake at home, but this time you can enjoy it yourself! Get together over Zoom and enjoy your own bakes with a cup of tea. Donate to join in.
  • Birthday party - Have a birthday coming up but can’t have a birthday bash? Set up a Facebook fundraiser to donate to Alzheimer's Society instead of receiving gifts.
  • Movie night bingo - Donate a playing fee and join a movie night bingo game. Choose a film or films and the number of phrases/actions to get bingo and play along with your friends in different houses.
  • Netflix party - Watch a film online with your friends, have a discussion afterwards and ask for a donation for the price of a cinema ticket or popcorn. 
  • Lip-sync battle - Do you have what it takes to wow your audience? Battle it out with family and friends to be crowned the lip-sync champion.


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Let's get quizzical

  • Challenge Dementia Quiz - Host a virtual quiz with our Challenge Dementia quiz pack and compete online together!
  • Trivial pursuit - £3 charge to join the challenge with £1.50 (or more) of that donated to Alzheimer's Society. Who is the most knowledgeable of your friends?


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Are you strong enough?

  • Meatless month - Want to cut down on eating meat? Try it whilst being sponsored to quit meat for a month.
  • Digital detox - Can you detox your digital use? Take on the challenge and raise money for Alzheimer's Society.
  • Chocolate cut out - Give up something you love for a month and raise money at the same time.
  • Sponsored silence - Ssssh!


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Still seeking inspiration? Don't worry - we have plenty more ideas!

  • eBay - Sell unwanted, used or handmade items on eBay and donate the proceeds.
  • Get crafty - Put your needles together and knit garments, make candles or create cards to sell
  • Sweepstakes - Set up a sweepstake and ask for donations per entry.
  • Online classes - Offer the chance to learn a new skill, a family recipe, yoga class, dance class, the possibilities are endless!
  • Name the... teddy, bunny or bear! Whatever you choose, tap into people's competitive nature with a simple online guessing game.
  • Theatrical fun - Dress up and film yourselves acting out famous scenes and plays. Live stream or send a link for donations from your friends, family and colleagues. Also great to keep the kids busy!
  • Fuel our fund for dementia - Saving on fuel by not travelling? Make a donation to Alzheimer's Society.
  • #Sofaselfie - Raise awareness and post a selfie of yourself from your sofa, nominate three friends to post and donate £3 to Alzheimer's Society.
  • Recycle - Use this time to spring clean and clear out all your recyclable items. Store them away and donate to the Alzheimer's Society recycling scheme.
  • Cinemarathon - Are there films you've been avoiding watching? Be sponsored to watch them all in a row in a cinemarathon!


If you haven't already, sign up today to fundraise for Alzheimer's Society!

Get in touch

If you would like more information or support planning your fundraiser, don't hesitate to get in touch with your local community fundraiser. 

You can also contact our central fundraising team on 0330 333 0804 or email [email protected].

Health and safety

The safety of you and your loved ones is the most important thing right now. If you're taking part in any of our Homegrown activities, please ensure you are following guidance around social distancing and self-isolation. This is especially important if you care for someone living with dementia or other vulnerable people. Check for the latest information here: gov.uk/coronavirus.

Thank you for your support!

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