Could you step up to help us beat dementia sooner?


We're challenging you to complete either a one-month or three-month step challenge.

One-month challenge - complete 10,000 steps a day for one month.

Three-months challenge - complete 850,000 steps within three months. That’s the same number of people living with dementia in the UK right now.

About the challenge

People living with dementia need us now more than ever. So we’re asking you to go the extra mile and sign up now to take part in our Step Up for Dementia challenge.

We’re challenging each person to take on either our one month or three-month step challenge.

However you complete your steps are up to you – walk, run, or dance your way to the distance! There’s lots of ways to keep active whilst at home too, such as mowing the lawn, hoovering, skipping and stair climbing – get the kids involved too!

The rules

  • We’re encouraging each person taking part to raise at least £100 for Alzheimer’s Society
  • Track your steps using your phone, smart watch or a pedometer
  • Each person is responsible for tracking their own steps and must be able to show evidence if required
  • Make sure you follow government advice around social distancing concerning COVID-19

What your fundraising will support

  • £9.90 will begin someone’s Dementia Connect journey by providing the first conversation with one of our telephone-based Dementia Advisers
  • Telephone-based Dementia Advisers give essential support across the three nations, £95 can support them for a full day
  • Just £3.83 turns an ordinary citizen into superhero Dementia Friend! There is a stigma attached to living with dementia that is both deeply hurtful, and overwhelmingly unfair. Dementia Friends is at its core an instrument for societal change, waking people up to the truth about dementia and helping them understand the impact on people’s lives

Why you should step forward and join our challenge

  • The health benefits – walking can reduce stress, lower blood pressure and give you an energy boost
  • Burn calories – walking can help you maintain a healthy weight and keep active
  • This challenge is a great way to keep motivated to stay active, by helping you strive for a consistent daily exercise target
  • Help us beat dementia – The money you raise from this challenge will help fund a range of important services to help people affected by dementia


What is Step Up for Dementia?

There are two options to choose from. You can either complete 10,000 steps a day in a month, or for a tougher challenge you could try and complete 850,000 steps within a three-month period – that’s the same number of people living with dementia in the UK right now.

Are there any registration or participation fees?

No – Step Up for Dementia is free to take part!

Is there a fundraising target?

We’re asking you to raise at least £100 each to help support people with dementia. That’s just 10 x £10 donations.

How do I get my Step Up for Dementia medal?

Everyone who raises £100 or more on their Step Up for Dementia fundraising page will receive a special medal to say thank you. Our teams are currently working from home at the moment so we can't post your medal out straight away, we will however send it as soon as its possible.

How do I fundraise?

Please set up a Just Giving page to fundraise. All income is transferred directly to us. You will be able to share your progress on Facebook and Twitter too. We will also provide fundraising tips and support throughout your journey. We ask you to get any final donations over to us within a month of completing your challenge.  

Where can I get a sponsorship form?

You can download one here. We can of course send more copies in the post if you need them - simply email us at [email protected] to request this.  

How will Alzheimer’s Society use the funds I have raised?

Your money raised will make a big difference to the lives of many affected by dementia. To find out more you can visit our website at

Can I take cash donations?

You can pay offline donations into your fundraising page, you also have the option to collect sponsorship via our sponsorship form or by sending us a cheque. Please view the full list on how to send in your offline donations.

Can I meet other people taking part?

Yes! Once you've signed up please join our Facebook group to chat away.

Got a question?

Our friendly team will be more than happy to help!

Call us on 0330 333 0804 or email [email protected]

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