Group activities

There are a number of different group activities you can use to gather feedback from people who have dementia, including focus and service user groups, workshops, electronic voting, and mystery shopping.

Is a group discussion or activity the method for you?


  • to discover people's personal and common experiences through their stories, feelings and ideas 
  • to dig a bit deeper than you can in a survey. 
  • if you're open to people influencing each other's contributions. 
  • if you're open to discovering things you were not anticipating hearing about. The unique perspective of people living with dementia may help reveal unconscious bias, unintended barriers and discrimination in how services are provided.

Maybe not

  • if there's a high risk that one or two people will dominate the conversation.
  • if the people with dementia you want to learn from are unable or unwilling to participate in a group.
    • people who may not feel able to share their experiences in front of other people
    • depending on Chairing, potentially people who find it more difficult to find words or produce speech.
    • people who cannot keep up with the pace of conversation. 
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