Mick's story: 'I know that deep down I'm getting worse'

Mick shares his story about how he is living with alcoholism and dementia. We have posted his story unedited and exactly as he sent it to us.

Mick's Your story

hallo my name is mick 54 years of age and live in hastings by the sea.

I was an alchholic for a number of years and after failing 4  detoxes carried  on drinking.

I became aware I was losing my memory about 6 years ago and just put it down to the drink killing the brain cells.

after a while my councillor whom ive been seeing for 7 years for various problems in my mental health condition decided something was wrong.

I couldnt speak ,remember the next phrase of my sentence  etc etc after numerous appointments I was declaired as having dementia  which was last year.

I was put on drugs to slow it down they didn't work I was having side effects so another medicine was given which is a pill but I have to suffer with the side effects but not as bad as they were.

I know that deep down I'm getting worse.

my wife cares for me but she has to work and our son has autistic probs and hes 12 but doesn't really understand my condition and what it does to a person so my wife has to work care 4 our son and myself a lot of work.

I don't have a lot to do with institues  and meeting other people as I'm a 1 to 1 person I didn't relise you could get this disease at 54 but there you go.

I live everyday now how it comes I get a phone call every 3 mths from the dememtia team so me writing this is a god send nowing I'm not the only one out there theres more people out there worse than my self and they have to learn to cope.

Maybe my day will come when I can cope and try and be a person if this is shown on internet I feel for you all and just keep coping with life as best as you can

all the best to you all

warmest regards


Alcohol and dementia

Learn more about the potentially damaging effects that alcohol can have on the brain.

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I know how you feel, having been diagnosed not so long ago with Early Onset Alzheimers. My own GP diagnosed depression and put me on anti depressants but my son wasn't happy and took me to a Private Consultant who referred me for a Brain Scan which showed the devastating news I am now trying to come to terms with.

Hi ya I'm mick and just read your comments thank you very much I'm to on depressant pills for a number of years now but don't help me anymore so life now is what I make it and so can you keep smiling even if it's false it shows your trying with life good luck my dear and hope2017goes our way regards mick

The best of luck to you. I myself was recently diagnosed with "early onset Alzheimer's". My G.P. Said I was suffering Depression and put me on Anti depressants but my son wasn't happy and took me to a Private Consultant who arranged a Brain Scan which gave me the devastating news - it was "early onset Alzheimers" it is not easy coming to terms with that as I am so independent normally. But I'm doing my best to continue with life as before my diagnosis

Hi Mick, I have to say your story is remarkable, I'm currently doing a project in University to help and break the stigma that surrounds dementia and I would love to use your story, I have to make you aware that it will be used anonymously and in line with research law and research ethics conduct. Please let me know whether you would be happy with it by replaying or email me at [email protected].uk.
Thank you.

Hi Kamil, I have forwarded your message on to Mick!

Read your story Mick and really admire your struggle with alcoholism and with your son's condition. Keep believing in yourself Mick.

Hi Mick,
just got referred to memory clinic ,they are trying to decide if Korsakovs or not( long time alcholic) terrible when can't remember ?Take matie keep on keeping on

Mick, what you are going through is hard, and I applaud you for being persistent and brave. Thanks for your sunny thoughts!

Hello Mick,
I am very glad read your story. My Father is an alcoholic and has been for a very long time. He recently had a 15 day stay in the hospital because of his malnutrition due to alcohol. We now believe he has ARBD due to the many years of alcohol and the many falls related to intoxication.
I am trying as his daughter to learn about this condition as well as learn to cope. I also am learning to help support him through his recovery. Reading you r story has shown me hope, so thank you very much for sharing.

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