Alzheimer's Society and The FA partnership

We are The FA’s official charity partner. Over the two year partnership we are working closely together to help football fans with dementia remain part of the game.

Football should be unforgettable

Football can create many of life’s greatest moments, shared with friends and family.

But unfortunately, many people living with dementia will forget.

The number of people living with dementia in the UK could fill Wembley Stadium 10 times over. The number whose lives are changed by the condition – carers, family, friends – is many millions higher.

We are working closely with The FA to help football fans with dementia remain part of the game, advise on crucial dementia research, increase awareness of our support services and raise vital funds towards these services.

What we're doing

Creating a brighter future for people affected by dementia

For every player, former player or fan accessing our support, the information and guidance they’re given has the potential to radically improve their day, their routine, or their entire experience with dementia.

We are working with The FA to make it easier for people to access support services and gain the expert advice, guidance and information they need. 

Someone who has benefitted from our support is Steve Freer, who lives with dementia, is a huge football fan and attended our a dedicated Alzheimer’s Society International match in March at Wembley Stadium. Steve shared his story on the England Football website.

England football team wearing nameless shirts

During our International match, the England team changed shirts at half time reappearing with their ‘unforgettable’ names removed, catching the attention of pundits, journalists and1.5 million fans watching at home. 

Tackling stigma around dementia

It's our aim to tackle the widespread stigma surrounding dementia, by raising greater understanding among the footballing community and beyond. Together we can make sure no player, former player or fan across the UK faces dementia alone.

Through our partnership, members of the England team have been sharing their personal connections to the condition in order to change the conversation and encourage fans to reach out for support.

Making football dementia friendly

Creating a network of dementia friendly facilities within football and upskilling The FA’s employees will mean people living with dementia and their families can return to the game they love without fear and enjoy sport for longer.

Funding world class research

Together with The FA, we’re committed to understanding more about dementia including the causes and risk factors, particularly as it relates to sport.

We will continue to push The FA to lead the way in world-class research - providing expertise to give us more answers and best protect players for generations to come.

As well as working with The FA, we’re directly funding dedicated sporting research involving professional rugby and football players to further improve our understanding of the connections between sport and dementia 

Support Alzheimer's Society and The FA

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You can also Text FOOTBALL to 70145 to donate £5. 

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