How to become a recognised dementia-friendly community

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Our recognition process enables communities to be publicly recognised for their work towards becoming dementia-friendly. It was built around seven criteria. These criteria were developed around what is important to people affected by dementia and their carers, and consists of an online development programme and annual reporting requirements.

Application to the recognition process for Dementia Friendly Communities

Northern Ireland

If your dementia-friendly community is in Northern Ireland and ready for recognition, apply here now

England and Wales

If your dementia-friendly community is in England or Wales and ready for recognition, apply here now

BSI PAS1365: A code of practice for dementia-friendly communities

The PAS1365 document is a code of practice which provides more detailed guidance and structure for communities around what 'dementia-friendly' looks like and what the key areas for action are in working to achieve a dementia-friendly community.

The code provides recommendations on: 

  • Who needs to be involved in setting up a dementia-friendly community
  • Aims that should be central to all dementia-friendly communities
  • Areas for action to focus on and the processes needed for a dementia-friendly community to operate successfully
  • The positive changes for people with dementia that we would expect to see from a dementia-friendly community

PAS1365 Code of Practice for Dementia-Friendly Communities is now available for free download.

Communities already working to become dementia-friendly

With an original target of 20 communities by March 2015 the process currently has over 200 registered communities working to become dementia friendly.

See a full list of communities that are already involved here on the Dementia Friends website