What’s it like to take part in research?

We have created a series of five videos that follow three individuals, Gary, Eva and Martin as they undergo assessments that are common in dementia research studies.

Dementia research studies are essential to improve our understanding of the condition – to find out what causes dementia, how to prevent it, to find new treatments and better ways to care for people.

Many studies rely on volunteers to take part, this might be simply completing a questionnaire or it might involve a series of brain scans. There’s a wide variety of different studies that carry out a range of assessments.

This series of videos was created with funding from the Medical Research Council and National Institute for Health Research, through the Deep and Frequent Phenotyping study.

We hope they’ll help people make well informed decisions about taking part in research, and encourage people to consider whether they might be able to volunteer.

Photos of Gary, Eva and Martin


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