Research Partnerships

Learn about the support we provide to dementia researchers who are funded by other organisations.

Supporting dementia researchers

Our Research Partnerships programme provides support for researchers by improving the quality and relevance of their research.

We do this by:

  • enabling researchers to involve people affected by dementia in their research
  • supporting researchers to find participants 
  • providing expertise on research proposal development 
  • supporting the delivery of research.

Who can apply?

The partnership programme supports researchers who are funded by other organisations and have the necessary ethical approvals. 

If you are funded by Alzheimer’s Society and are looking for support with participant recruitment or other aspects of the grant, please contact our grant enquiries team.

Begin your application

Complete this document, then email it along with any other information (i.e. draft proposal, project outline) which may assist us in understanding your proposal better.

Download the form Email your application

How do I apply to the programme? 

We are currently in the process of reviewing our Research Partnerships programme, therefore the next deadline for applications will be 30 April 2020.

To apply, please complete the application form and submit it to [email protected].

Please review our criteria and guidelines before submitting an application.

Hear how our volunteers have worked with Dr Kurt De Vos at the University of Sheffield

How can we support your research?

We work in partnership with researchers in a range of ways, including:

a)    Enabling researcher to involve people affected by dementia in their research 

The programme supports researchers to share ‘Patient and Public Involvement’ opportunities with our service users or Research Network Volunteers to:

  • work alongside researchers whilst their research proposal is being developed 
  • to advise and support delivery of the research as it takes place 

b) Supporting researchers to find participants for their research by approaching our service users. 

Please note that Join Dementia Research can also help with participant recruitment.

c) Using Alzheimer's Society expertise to:

  • advise on research proposals as they are being developed 
  • support projects by including an member of Alzheimer’s Society Research and Development team in the project advisory group.

c) Involving Alzheimer's Society in the delivery of research to:

  • help engage decision makers
  • become delivery/implementation partners

How are applications reviewed?

We strongly advise applicants read our criteria and guidelines before completing the partnership application form; applications that do not follow the guidance are likely to be rejected.

Applications will be reviewed by the review panel, made up of staff from Alzheimer’s Society Research and Development directorate and people affected by dementia. 

The panel will determine which partnerships we will support based on whether the proposed projects align with our research strategy, whether we are satisfied of the ethics and methodology of a study and our capacity. Decisions of the panel are communicated soon after. 

Have a query?

Our Research Partnerships team will be happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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