Partnering with Jelly Drops to stop dehydration in dementia

Jelly Drops are sweets containing 90 per cent water that can keep people with dementia hydrated. Alzheimer’s Society is partnering with the Jelly Drops team through our Accelerator Programme.

Jelly Drops were invented by Lewis Hornby after his grandmother with dementia was sadly hospitalised with dehydration. Lewis went on to develop this innovative solution inspired by his grandmother.

Dehydration is a common challenge for older people, and especially those with dementia. It can contribute to premature deaths and years of reduced quality of life.

Memory problems mean someone with dementia can easily forget to drink enough water. What’s more, the part of the brain that recognises you’re dehydrated and sends a message to let you know you’re thirsty doesn’t always work properly.

Some medications and dementia-related illnesses can also make dehydration worse.

How do Jelly Drops work? 

Jelly Drops are a hydrating treat that bring fun to what can often be a challenge for people affected by dementia.

Inspired by his grandmother's love for sweets, Lewis designed Jelly Drops so they are engaging and interesting to people with dementia.

These bright, tasty treats are over 90 per cent water, with added ingredients to make them even more hydrating. The drops attract the attention of people with dementia and the firm drop shape makes them easy to pick up.

A full box of Jelly Drops is the same as drinking three cups of water which is more than many people with dementia currently consume a day. 

Partnering with Jelly Drops

Alzheimer’s Society is partnering with Jelly Drops for 12 months through our Accelerator Programme. They will receive £100,000 to help build upon and test the impact of their fantastic product through a range of further trials. We aim to finalise the product so it’s ready to take to market.

We will be supporting them to learn from people affected by dementia so that Jelly Drops is the best design it can be. We will also provide a network of links to care industry experts so that the final product can reach as many people affected by dementia as possible.

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