Alzheimer's Society comments on updated care home visitation guidance

Care home visitation guidance updated as coronavirus restrictions in England are eased

Fiona Carragher, Director of Research and Influencing at Alzheimer’s Society said:

'This new guidance marks huge progress from where we were six months ago. However, we’re concerned that the funding that government have provided to enable these visits just isn’t sufficient.

'This funding has been based on the small number of visitors that were enabled when infections in care homes were high and vaccinations were low. It will be insufficient now the number of visits allowed in care homes has increased.

Even when numbers were capped, loved ones were often limited to visits of just half an hour, sometimes three weeks apart. Without additional funding, there is the risk of visits becoming extremely short and infrequent.

'People affected by dementia have been worst hit by coronavirus, with many isolated from their loved ones for months on end. We are pleased this is coming to an end. People are desperate to spend quality time with their loved ones in care homes – there needs to be sufficient financial support in place to ensure visits are both safe and meaningful. We also encourage all visitors to care homes to ensure that they are fully vaccinated.'