More people asking for social care support but fewer getting it - Alzheimer's Society comment

New analysis from The King’s Fund shows that the proportion of working-age adults approaching local authorities for support has risen by 4 per cent – over 23,000 people – since 2015/16.

At the same time, England’s increasing older population is fuelling greater demand for services.

Fiona Carragher, Chief Policy and Research Officer at Alzheimer’s Society, comments:

'It is absolutely staggering that the number of people receiving adult social care support is in such decline, especially considering every day more and more people are being diagnosed with dementia. Through our support services people tell us daily what a nightmare it is trying to get care.

People with dementia are having to battle with a serious health condition - it is unacceptable that they should also have to fight an inaccessible, cash-starved social care system.

'The system of support for people with dementia is unfair, unsustainable and needs an urgent overhaul. The green paper has been delayed five times in two years, and while the Government dithers over a long term solution , we need urgent investment in high quality care through a Dementia Fund.'