Fix Dementia Care

Our social care system is failing people with dementia. Thousands are stuck in hospital, with nowhere else to turn, while many more are losing their life savings just to get the basic care they need. 

Our latest report has found that: 

  • People with dementia are on average, facing twice as long a delay compared to those without the condition
  • As well as the human cost, the NHS is losing over £170 million per year on these delays
  • Last year alone, 500,000 bed days were lost because people with dementia, who were medically fit to go home, weren't helped to leave hospital 

The Government has promised a consultation on social care but we need you to help us demand they include the needs of people with dementia. Without us, they could be ignored. 

Now is the time. 

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To Fix Dementia Care, the Government must invest in a new system that: 

  • Upholds the rights of people living with dementia have through health, care and equalities legislation 
  • Ends catastrophic care costs for families
  • Connects the price paid for quality dementia care with what it costs to deliver
  • Means that dementia care is joined up 
  • Ends the inequality of support between dementia and other conditions