Your relationships

Living with dementia is likely to affect many areas of your life. It will also have an impact on the people around you.

These people may already have helped with practical things, given you advice or just listened. The same people can help now that you have dementia. You may also find yourself getting to know new people and doing new things, perhaps at a group or club.

Over time, your relationships with the different people you know and meet will probably have already changed for a variety of reasons. Dementia is another reason these relationships may change. It can be difficult for you and the people around you to adjust, and may take some time. Dementia may affect what you say and do but you are still you, with your own feelings and ways of doing things. Your experience of dementia will be different from everyone else’s.

These pages will help you understand how your relationships might change when you have dementia. It also gives information on what you can do to prepare for and live with these changes, and how other people can support you.