Fix Dementia Care: funding

2. What we are calling for

To Fix Dementia Care the Government must invest in a new system that:

  • Upholds the rights people living with dementia have through health, care and equalities legislation
    Maintains quality of life and care for all people with dementia, upholding the rights they have under the Care Act, Social Services and Wellbeing Act (Wales), Equalities Act and Mental Capacity Act. Legislation should empower and enable people affected by dementia to access the support to which they are entitled, regardless of their condition.

  • Ends catastrophic care costs for families 
    While some people with dementia may make some contribution towards the cost of their care, this is a fair amount which has a financial limit and does not impact on their wellbeing or ability to live a normal life.  No individual should have to spend everything they have on care. 

  • Connects the price paid for quality dementia care with what it costs to deliver 
    The cost of delivering a sustainable care system, provided by professionals confident and competent to deliver quality dementia care, must have a close, transparent connection to the price that is paid, regardless of how that care is commissioned. The impact of cost cutting on the health and wellbeing of someone with dementia, in addition to the impact on the wider health and care system and workforce must be a consideration of the price paid for care.

  • Means that dementia care is joined up 
    Any future care system should enable people with dementia to access seamless support without divisions across health and care services causing a negative impact on their experience of care.

  • Ends the inequity of support between dementia and other conditions
    People with dementia should not receive less support, increased charges and costs nor face challenges accessing care or unfair situations based on age or the increased need for social care as a result of developing dementia.

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