Obtaining samples of urine to test for a UTI

Obtaining urine samples from a person with dementia can be difficult, and the relative or carer closest to them will probably be the best person to assist with this.

Obtaining a urine sample

If a urine sample is required, either to do a routine dip test or to be sent to the laboratory for testing, this should preferably be taken in the morning – the first time urine is passed that day.

If the person is incontinent and wears incontinence pads, a urine collection pack can be used to draw a sample of urine from the pad. These are usually made up of two urine collection pads, a 5ml syringe and a urine specimen container.

Contact your GP or local NHS continence service for advice on how to obtain these.

The Bladder and Bowel Foundation and Bladder and Bowel UK can both help you to find your local continence service.

Continence aids and professional support

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Continence support