Charlotte's story: 'Gran could have stayed at home longer if things had been different'

Charlotte describes the poor homecare her gran, Jane, received. Find out why it's so important the Government Fix Dementia Care now. 


'My Gran, Jane, used to look after me when my Mum went to work, so I used to get to spend all of my days with her. She was given a diagnosis of dementia in the summer of 2011. 

'Our family decided to arrange for homecare workers to visit her twice a day but quickly it became obvious that they were not able to provide the support required.'

'We repeatedly asked them to remove out of date food from the fridge, but the homecare staff didn't fully grasp why this was important for someone with dementia and didn't always do it. Gran would end up eating food that had gone off and getting sick.'

'One day, a homecare worker found my gran face down on the bedroom floor, barely conscious. The out-of-date food that was left in the fridge had caused regular diarrhoea and with infrequent washing, had resulted in a urinary tract infection.'

'Gran shouldn't have got as bad as she did. If the homecare had been provided to the level of quality we had hoped, she wouldn't have got an infection in the first place and wouldn't have ended up in hospital. I feel my gran could have stayed at home for longer if things had been different.'

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