Bev's story: 'Mum missed her medication and was left in dirty clothes'

The home care system failed Bev and her mum, Marge. Here she shares her experiences and calls for the Government to Fix Dementia Care. 


'My Mum, Marge, was diagnosed with mixed dementia in 2012 and when her needs became too much, I decided she should receive homecare.'

'But immediately I realised the carers weren't equipped to support Mum. Despite her condition advancing, the carers would ask her what she needed doing. This meant soiled sheets would go unchanged, Mum would be dressed in dirty clothes and she could end up missing meals. In the 4 months she received homecare, I think she only had a shower twice.'

'The lack of understanding the homecare workers showed for mum's dementia was apparent from day one. This immediately put them on the back foot: they didn't know how to cope with mum and they didn't appreciate mum often wasn't able to tell them what she needed. After trying two homecare companies I found the level of training was all the same.' 

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