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Our innovative consultancy services and specialist support enable organisations across all sectors to meet the needs of people living with dementia and remain at the forefront of best practice. 

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The lived experience: Quality of life audit for health and social care providers

Improve the lived experience for people with dementia in your care setting with our three part Quality of life consultancy service. One of our experienced consultants will conduct a comprehensive audit of your organisation; observing interactions between residents, staff and family members.  

We will compile a detailed report highlighting your organisation’s strengths and make recommendations, where necessary, for improvements you can make to enhance the lived experience for people with dementia. The audit also includes a follow-up observation and report six to nine months later to evaluate the effectiveness of any recommendations implemented.

Cost: £1,785 plus VAT

Alzheimer’s Society’s quality of life audit provided us with an invaluable insight into the experience of our residents and suggestions to optimise the care we provide.
- Borough Care

Environmental audit: Creating enabling environments for people living with dementia

Suitable for all organisations, our Environmental audit will provide you with a comprehensive insight into how dementia-friendly your environment is.

Our consultant will conduct a detailed audit of your premises to assess how all aspects of the environment may be experienced by a person living with dementia. Following the audit, we will compile a comprehensive report outlining practical changes that you can make to create a positive and stimulating environment for people living with dementia. 

Cost: £595 per day plus VAT

Alzheimer’s Society audited [our concert venue] thoroughly, noting every possible scenario in which someone with dementia may need extra assistance at the venue [...] We have already considered a number of ways that we intend to make future concerts more dementia-friendly.
- City of London Sinfonia

Creating enabling and engaging care environments

This one day review of your care setting uses a unique audit tool to assess how both the environment and engagement between residents, carers and family members may affect a person living with dementia.

Following a one day audit, we will provide a report outlining how your environment and care approach supports the well-being of people living with dementia and recommendations to make your care setting more enabling and engaging.

Cost: £595 per day plus VAT

Customer service audit

Improve the service you provide to vulnerable customers, such as people living with dementia, by auditing your organisation’s environment, customer interactions and processes and procedures.

We will make recommendations for how you could make your business more dementia friendly and ensure that vulnerable customers are supported to continue to use your services.

Cost: £595 per day plus VAT

The audit provided us with really practical ideas and considerations to further improve our customer experience. Ensuring we support all members in the way that suits them is a priority and the customer service review has given us suggestions to further strengthen our offering and the reassurance that we are doing the right things for our members.
- Darlington Building Society

Coaching, support and bespoke course development

As the UK's leading dementia charity, Alzheimer's Society has access to unrivalled knowledge and the latest cutting-edge research to inform best-practice across all sectors. We can provide one-to-one coaching and support for managers and leaders to enable your organisation to champion the needs of people affected by dementia. Prices start from £195 per hour plus expenses.

Our training team and expert consultants also have a wealth of experience in developing and delivering bespoke training courses and packages to meet the specific training needs of a wide variety of organisations, including leisure centres and support services. The cost of bespoke course development starts from £595 per day.

We have also delivered a number of tailored presentations and training workshops at conferences, events and annual general meetings.

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