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The coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating impact around the world. In the UK, people affected by dementia have been hardest hit and our fragmented social care system has been exposed for all to see.


In Northern Ireland, care home residents accounted for 51% of all COVID-19 related deaths, compared to 50% in Scotland, 39% in England and 34% in Wales. NISRA have confirmed that over a third of all deaths in Northern Ireland relating to the virus were people with dementia.


The Alzheimer's Society Northern Ireland Conference will explore this and other important challenges, and examine how together we can shape the future of dementia in Northern Ireland. 


Date: 21 September

Time: 11:45am  - 4:30pm

Location: Virtual event

Cost: Free


Registration for the conference is now closed.


The following speakers are confirmed for our conference:


Robin Swann MLA, Department of Health Minister



Seamus McErlean, Former Social Care Commissioning Lead (Older People and Adults) Health & Social Care Board



Corrina Grimes and Regional Advance care Planning Team, Department of Health 



Dr Richard Oakley, Head of Research, Alzheimer's Society  



Professor Assumpta Ryan, Professor of Ageing and Health at Ulster University



Bernadine McCrory, Alzheimer's Society Country Director, Northern Ireland



Peter Middleton, Living with dementia



Michael Keenan, Living with dementia



Keith Day, Living with dementia



  • 11:45 am - Coffee with:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  •                         Ronald Amanze & John O'Doherty, Living with dementia 


  •                         Nigel Hullah, Peter Middleton and Keith Day, Members of 3

  •                         Nations Dementia Working Group


  •                         Emily Wilson, Former carer and researcher into 

  •                         Young Onset Dementia 


  •                         Team leads of Alzheimer's Society Services,   

  •                         Fundraising and Volunteering 


  • 12:15 pm - Break


  • 12:30 pm - Opening Welcome, Dementia Care Pathway and Keynote 


  •                         Bernadine McCrory


  •                         Michael Keenan


  •                         Seamus McErlean


  •                         Robin Swann MLA



  • 13:45 pm - Break


  • 14:00 pm - Advance Care Planning - Corrina Grimes


  • 14:30 pm - Break


  • 14:45 pm - The future of dementia Research - Dr Richard Oakley


  •                         InspireD reminiscence app for supporting people living with

  •                         dementia - Professor Assumpta Ryan


  • 15:35 pm - Break


  • 15:50 pm - Q&A Panel Discussion on the future of dementia

  •                         Bernadine McCrory


  •                         Professor Assumpta Ryan


  •                         Dr Richard Oakley


  •                         Corrina Grimes


  •                         Seamus McErlean


  •                         Emily Wilson


  •                         Michael Keenan


  • 16:30 pm - End of conference



Pre-conference, grab your coffee and join our line up of trusted experts for an informal chat on how we make a difference together! We have four sessions to choose from: 


Coffee with Ronald Amanze and John O'Doherty, Living with dementia 


Coffee with Nigel Hullah, Peter Middleton and Keith Day, Members of 3 Nations Dementia Working Group


Coffee with Emily Wilson, Carer and Researcher into Young Onset Dementia


Coffee with Team leads of Alzheimer's Society Services, Fundraising and Volunteering

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If you have any questions about the conference then please email [email protected] 

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