Alison and Geraint featured here are fully behind the Forget Me Not appeal

Finding hope through support from Alzheimer's Society

For Geraint and Alison, a diagnosis of dementia was devastating. They’re sharing their story of finding hope, to encourage everyone who may be in the same position to reach out to Alzheimer's Society.

As part of the Forget me not Appeal, thousands of people have come together to help bring hope to people like Geraint living with dementia. Thank you so much to everyone for your support.

Geraint Roberts, 65, lives with his wife Alison near Caerphilly in Wales. He was diagnosed with logopenic aphasia with Alzheimer’s disease in June 2022.

A long journey to diagnosis

Alzheimer’s Society is the best thing that could have happened to me. If I hadn’t got involved in those groups, I don’t know what would have happened to me.


The road to diagnosis was difficult for Geraint and Alison, which began as far back as March 2020. It was hard to access a GP during the pandemic, and then they were turned away from the Memory Clinic on the basis that Geraint was too young. Alison knew Geraint was deteriorating, and pushed for a new doctor and referral, which thankfully was taken up this time by the Memory Clinic.

Finally, in June 2022, Geraint received his diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. Both Alison and Geraint were worried about what this meant, and what the future would hold. Here at the Alzheimer’s Society we were there to support them through every next step.

What we have had from Alzheimer’s Society should be a blueprint of what should happen after diagnosis.


Geraint is talking to his dementia support worker.

Getting support from Alzheimer's Society

By meeting with an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Support Worker, Geraint and Alison had the practical information needed to take on the next steps, but also had the emotional support they were desperate for at that time.

Our dementia advisers are here for you.

Alison explained: “She has given us confidence that we still have a life to lead and that we can do this”.

Now, Alison and Geraint plan to attend a Memory Walk and encourage everyone to support Alzheimer’s Society because, in Geraint’s words: “Alzheimer’s Society have given me a lot. I want to return the favour.”

If you’re experiencing a similar challenge to diagnosis, please get in touch with our Dementia Support Line.

Dementia support services

Whether you need a listening ear on the phone, practical tips and advice or a visit in person, Alzheimer's Society is here to support you.

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