Alzheimer's Society comment on the Care Quality Commission

Published 31 March 2009

The Care Quality Commission takes up its responsibilities for the quality of health and social care from April 2009.

The Care Quality Commission was established by the Health and Society Care Act 2008 to regulate the quality of health and social care and look after the interests of people detained under the Mental Health Act. It brings together the work of the Commission for Social Care Inspection, the Healthcare Commission and the Mental Health Act Commission.

'The Care Quality Commission has a crucial role to play in driving up dementia care standards. One in three people over 65 will die with dementia, yet there is widespread failure to provide good quality care for people with this devastating condition. The Care Quality Commission needs to act fast; ensuring regulation is rigorous with an emphasis on regular review and inspection.

Two thirds of people with dementia live in care homes and up to one quarter of hospital beds are taken up by people with dementia. The recently announced National Dementia Strategy is a huge step forward in the fight against dementia. The Care Quality Commission must provide independent assessment of the Strategy's impact and progress to ensure it transforms the lives of people with dementia and their carers.'

Neil Hunt
Chief Executive
Alzheimer's Society

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