Update on Information Commissioner's enforcement notice

Published 17 February 2016

Brett Terry, Director of People and Organisational Development and Senior Information Risk Owner, said:

'Following legal advice we have made the difficult decision to appeal the Information Commissioners' Office enforcement notice because a number of the requirements we received were insufficiently clear. Without clarity we cannot be certain that we could reasonably comply within the time specified, or know what degree of action is required to satisfy the requirements.

'We are not in any way seeking to deny the failings that took place, for which we fully apologise. We are determined to comply with the notice and it is our intent to deliver the very best practice data protection applications, especially given that we provide services to vulnerable people.

'People affected by dementia, our supporters and stakeholders must have complete confidence in us - and the actions we will undertake in relation to our data will deliver that confidence. However, to do this we must be clear that these actions will fully satisfy the enforcement notice. Our decision to appeal is driven by our need to ensure that we are allocating our resources appropriately and responsibly between this activity and our purpose as an organisation changing the lives of thousands of people affected by dementia, every day.

'We are implementing an action plan that will ensure we are a sector leader in good practice on personal data management. Appealing the ICO notice will not delay the progression of this action plan. We have always strived to work co-operatively and constructively with the ICO and we take our responsibility to ensure the safety of the personal data we hold extremely seriously.'

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